“HANARE” is a word that is synonymous with the pampering and comfort of home reminding us not only of our physical comfort but also that which satisfies our tastes and appetite for good food which so often associates with the place that is closest to our heart. “HANARE” is that very place away from home that you long to be at where you can experience authentic Japanese cuisine, catering specially to the desires of discerning customers who appreciates authentic Japanese cuisine with special emphasis on quality and freshness. HANARE will provide some of the best and freshest seafood air flown direct from Japan depending on the season's specialty offering. Favourites such as the divine Hon Maguro (Fresh Blue Fin Tuna), the rare cut of Tai (Fresh Red Snapper), Nama Awabi ( Fresh Abalone ) and other choice seafood depending on its season will be imported direct from Tokyo's famous Tsukiji fish market to give you that unique flavor and dining experience that only HANARE can offer. HANARE has a dedicated and well-trained team of staff who are committed in bringing you the quality authentic Japanese cuisine that we pride ourselves in. Our Japanese chefs have many years of experience in preparing authentic Japanese cuisine and have worked in many well known hotels and restaurants in various countries.


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